Client Spotlight – Spiritleaf





Spiritleaf “aims to be the most knowledgeable and trusted source of recreational cannabis, offering a premium consumer experience with its own brand of high-quality products.” The retail chain launched in 2018 as a franchise model across Canada. When we were approached by them for support on both their franchisee and corporate stores we were so excited to partner with them on their audio visual needs. The scope of the majority of each locations consisted of ceiling speakers, portrait mode monitors for menus, an amplifier and 1-2 volume controllers (depending on amount of audio zones requested by the franchisee owner).



Our goal was to standardize the AV installations in each unique space and location. We wanted to provide all franchisee owners across Canada with the same premium consumer experience so each store felt the same. We wanted to handle and manage the audio visual requirements so that each location’s customers could focus on the Spiritleaf products and enjoy the physical space. Overall, we wanted to project feelings of professionalism and confidence for the owner and brand.


We are responsible for providing an audio and visual experience within each space, so that the customers’ expectation of Spiritleaf quality is met no matter which location they visit. To achieve this, we relied on working with our team of Designers to ensure we were installing AV in the most appropriate places and considering all elevations to optimize the space. The menu boards are designed and installed to properly portray the Spiritleaf brand and detail the top quality products they provide. The background audio is designed to fill the retail space with specially selected music for the ultimate customer experience.


Each and every store is a different size, shape, and overall layout. There is a great deal of design that goes into each project to ensure the audio coverage is suitable for the space and the displays are positioned to portray the clients message. For example, some speakers need to be hung or accommodate a t-bars ceiling or certain colours etc. There are multiple trades and decision makers involved so to keep everyone properly informed at all times can be a challenge. Lastly, because Spiritleaf is on target to open locations across Canada (each with individual franchisee owners) – this requires additional project management and increased communication to keep things organized and on schedule for store openings.



We worked with our great team of Designers who were responsible for providing drawings and plans for the client to visualize the final install. They also provided us with detailed specifications for the general contractors and electricians we partnered with to ensure the final product matched clients expectations. We also found success in working with great vendors to obtain their professional knowledge and leverage their ability to adapt their product to the specific space was an important part of working on this project. Because of the various sizes and shapes of the spaces it required our drawings, design, and wire runs must be specific as we do not always have the ability to be on site.


Since the legalization of cannabis products in Canada, there are many competing companies within the industry. As granted licences from the government has increased substantially, demand to remain competitive and provide an unforgettable experience is higher than ever. By integrating the audio and visual products provided by our team, Spiritleaf aims to create a customer experience that is second to none. Our designers were heavily involved in the process and we couldn't have completed 10 stores to date without them. We're well on our way to a total completion of 105 stores.

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