Event Spotlight – Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter



Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter


This was the 25th year of the Turning Points Gala, hosted each year to raise money for many women to live free from family violence and abuse. We have worked with on CWES on bringing this event to life for years to support what we believe is such an important cause. 


This event is a very important fundraiser for CWES to raise money to help fund the programs for their organization. Our biggest goal was to keep the audience engaged in this annual event to ensure it stood out as it reached the 25th year landmark. 


To ensure we were setting ourselves up for success we used a 16’ x 48’ screen as the video backdrop. Kelly Brothers’ Productions created the content to display on the screens. We utilized the Docuplay content provided to communicate the CWES message in an engaging manner as the evening went on. We had multiple meetings with the client leading up to the event to figure out how to best utilize the AV and best display the content in an most exciting way.

The event was very impactful. The skit put on by the Kelly Bothers’ Productions made a big impact and had people tearing up. 


“The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter has had the pleasure of working with Evolution AV on our Turning Points Gala for the past several years. We appreciate Evolution AV’s overall customer service, professionalism, and for ensuring our needs are  met to showcase our event. Their staff are very attentive and knowledgeable, and the company brings our message and event to life.”

– Ann O’Donnell, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

Evolution AV