Event Spotlight – Exsterno Maxim Canada



Maxim Canada


To provide a complete AV solution for the first Maxim Canada event at Stampede 2019. The intention for this inaugural event was to highlight the lifestyle brand and provide a platform for Maxim Canada's launch. Premium entertainers were brought in to elevate the brand’s presence and ignite international attention and continue to nurture a loyal fan following.



Our goal was to achieve the very highest level of production that would rival some of the best live music venues in North America. Through creative lighting and video elements, our mission was to bring the Maxim quality to our production to set the stage for a successful brand launch.


Our client came to us with the vision of an indoor summer festival with no existing infrastructure in place. We were tasked with designing and creating all elements of this festival from the ground up. As a premium lifestyle brand, Maxim required this event to have a very high-end and premium look and feel with an emphasis on the guest experience being elevated. We were engaged to provide separate experiential spaces to feature lifestyle elements along with stunning visual productions throughout the space.


An event of this magnitude was not without its challenges! The largest hurdle being the venue changes. Overall, this event went through three separate venues for various reasons. Each venue change prompted a complete overhaul of the design and scope of the project. The final venue was confirmed only three weeks in advance of the event.



Our diligent design team worked tirelessly to maintain the required high level of production throughout the various redesigns and changes. We rolled with the punches and always remained focused on providing the client with the highest level of production and guest experience.


Starting out as a very ambitious project that had more than its fair share of bumps along the way, we were able to lean on our fantastic team to continually push the envelope of creativity and dedication. We were able to exceed client expectations and highlight our commitment to serving our clients with excellence.

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