Digital Signage

The flexibility of digital signage has made it immensely popular for a wide variety of use cases. We offer displays, networked media players, and content creation services for all applications.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays have come a long way in the last few years. They now provide a flexible, cost-effective, and intuitive way to bring interactivity into the classroom and workspace. We’d love to tell you more about options for interactive displays that include wireless screen sharing, 4K resolution, integrated software suites, and much more.

  • Functional use: Classrooms, collaboration spaces, control centres, meeting rooms, retail spaces, wayfinding


Video projection is great for large spaces, as it is extremely flexible in size and application. We offer a wide variety of projectors, screens, and everything you need for custom mounting solutions.

Video Walls

Video walls are great way to bring high-resolution content into large spaces. We offer LCD video walls, as well as bezel-less LED products that can be arranged in custom configurations.

  • Functional use: Digital signage, event venues, gymnasiums, outdoors, public spaces, retail spaces, sports venues

  • Some of our partners: LG, NEC, Planar, Samsung, Sony, QSTECH